Superior Architecture

One solution that provide 360* view of your business.
Freedom of choice helps control total cost of ownership

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ERP Solutions

Sage 300 is designed to grow your company

Sage X3 ERP offers ultimate scalability

Sage CRM - Best of breed customer relationship management solution

CloudVisualPayroll smooth-running HR and Payroll operations in the Cloud

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Tested Deployment methodology

We assist you to deploy your solution without trial and error

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Experience matters!

We will use our 18 years plus experience to ensure you get best practice solutions

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Enterprise CloudVisualPayroll

Smooth-running HR and payroll operations in the cloud

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Realize the Depth, Future of your business today

ERP system implementation is a mission-critical and challenging activity that requires qualified consultants to ensure a successfull completion of the assignment. We have more than 18 years experience assisting our clients to succeed.

Multisoft Consulting

Why You should Use Us

We know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provides significant benefits to organisations looking to have a better decision making tool.

Thus, to enable you utilize your ERP systems to the fullest extent, you need highly trained and experienced consultants who understand the ERP application, their capacities, as well as their limitations.

To Help our clients achieve maximum benefits and return on their investment on ERP systems, we offer solid engagement blue-print frameworks, tested implementation methodologies, training and support.

As a firm, we have more than 18-years experience on ERP systems. We will use our proud, solid history of local industry to work closely with you to support the achievement of all your busines requirements, including streamlining of all your processes.         

Plus, we are single mindedly focused on ERP system implementation and consulting.

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Sage 300 ERP

Sage ERP

Sage ERP provides you a basket of products and solutions that will enable you to manage all aspects of your organisation irrespective of location, size or requirements.

Sage Products supported by us and on which we are business partners include:

Plus, there are hundreds of additional Sage authorised third party products that addresses vertical market requirements. In the ecosystem of Sage offerings, these niche solutions guarantees that no matter your business process needs, it can be met. Connect anywhere anytime.


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AccpacOpera Interface

AccpacOpera Interface
(Hospitality application)

Micros Opera provides the world’s best property management solutions for front end operations for the hospitality sector, whilst Sage ERP has the best backend solutions for small to large organization.

However, our SageOpera Interface solution provides the link for the two solutions to work together. SageOpera interface ensure that all front office transactions are efficiently transferred to the backend accounting solutions on a daily basis.

This link guarantees that you enjoy the very best of both worlds!.                        

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Some of our Clients

Sage 300

Sage 300 enables you to do business anytime and anywhere. Watch this video as we show you first hand the great capabilities of Sage 300. With this product, you can choose - deployment preferences e.g. web based or client server; multiple currency; multiple language; etc. The powerful financial tools functionalities plus the optimized operations and distribution processes ensures that you have one comprehensive solution to manage your organisation - and achieve success.

Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 gives you the flexibility and functionality you require to manage your organisation in global market. It supports all business processes across finance, distribution and manufacturing within one software design. Sage ERP X3 solutions is designed to provide your organisation with better control and flexibility, today and for the future.
It's our pleasure to show you a preview video of what you can achieve with Sage X3.


Unlimited Options

You can view more product presentation/demo video
These videos gives more information about how the solution works and generally what to expect.

"Working with Sage as our backend ERP solution allows us to meet our monthly strict reporting deadlines. On the other hands, Multisoft Consulting provide us 100% support all the way."
"We have used Sage ERP application deployed by Multisoft Consulting for over 10 years. Multisoft Consulting has been very responsive to support issues"
"Multisoft Consulting is the right partners, Always there when you need more. Professional, efficient and Passionate, Multisoft Consulting deploy and support Sage ERP solutions with ease"